Transformation Hypnosis

From my early childhood I preferred to dress in dresses. I felt so very comfortable wearing female attire than male clothing. I would spend my childhood and teen years wearing my sisters clothing. Many times I would shop for my own clothes and enjoyed the experience immensely. I relished everything feminine and transformation hypnosis.

Female Transformation Hypnosis 

It has been a childhood dream to live my adult life as a female. I always felt as though I was a female trapped in a male’s body. Often at times it has been a living hell. So many times I would fight the feminization feelings, which seemed so natural, and force myself to conform to the male dominated world. I would give away my wardrobe and many items associated with my feminized side to purge myself thinking it was wrong to have these feeling.

Transformation Hypnosis

Thereafter, the feminine feelings would resurface with even more intensity. Dear Madam Raison D’être, I have listened to many of your feminization hypnosis mp3’s and have gone through this cycle of denying my inner true feminine self so many times. The fight against my feminine mind, body and soul has been an exercise in futility. I am a girl and woman in mind, emotion and soul. The only thing that is not completely female is my body and voice. However, my body has several attributes more reminiscent of a girl than boy. I have a small frame that resembles that of a genetic female. It really wouldn’t take much to develop my body to resemble a biological female and I know my mind will be helped with transformation hypnosis.

Transformation Hypnosis Mistress

I have been working with a psychologist and physician to transition to complete feminization. I did start a regimen of hormones that I am certain would have transformed me to be the woman of my dreams. However, I stopped the hormone therapy after one week; I stopped the hormone therapy out of pure fear, of not knowing what effects the drugs would have on my body. I saw news cast of a transgendered person, the person really looked like a guy in a dress and I don’t want that. There was absolutely nothing feminine about her. It really scared me because I thought is this what I’m going to become? Although several close friends who know my true self have seen photos of me. They were very complimentary of my look. Please don’t view me as being completely vain. But, looking feminine and female is as important to me as being feminine and female and I need your help with transformation hypnosis.

Transformation Hypnosis Girl

Any assistance with transformation hypnosis, direction or help you can provide would be gratefully appreciated. Your wide array of feminization hypnosis and forced feminization hypnosis mp3’s for people like me is truly remarkable. You are a most amazing person! I would really like to find a way to overcome my fears and inhibitions; I know this can be achieved with feminization hypnosis. I have relived the cycle being feminine and then fighting the feelings so, so many times. I only hope that the cycle will one day be broken.

Feminization Hypnosis    Forced Feminization Hypnosis


About Madam Raison Detre

Welcome to my World, the World of Madam Raison Detre a powerful femdom hypnotist. I am your deepest desire, your secret fantasy your deepest hypnotic dream come true. Once under my hypnotic power there is no going back, I am an addiction, your addiction that you just cannot resist, you don't want to resist me, you just love being here with me. Listen to my every word, as my velvety voice and voluptuous lips caress every part of you. Weaving my web of silken whispers all around you, taking you further and beyond any other femdom hypnotist to the deepest part of your subconscious mind where fantasy and reality blend to become one. Confess to me how much you need my seductive power and guidance. Admit how much I understand your desires, because of course I do. I know you want to please me, and agree to embrace my every wish as I take you on that journey of discovery to the real you, the most intimate part of you, that only you and I know about. You know it’s your destiny, don’t you? You can’t resist me. I believe the greatest gift a woman can possess is femininity. You will dive into my femininity and drink me in, hanging on my every word. You know I am different, I am not a figment of someone’s imagination, and something made up, a call centre girl just reading a script. I am a real femdom hypnotist whom you can visit for a one to one erotic hypnosis session or depending on where you are located have live hypnosis telephone session with me. I know you have been searching for me for the longest of time and now you have found me don’t waste another moment contact me now.
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