Female Transformation Hypnosis

How did I find myself in this position? I am nervous and cannot say no or persuade you not to make me take the step with Female Transformation Hypnosis. I know the mere sight of my new balcony bra and pretty matching panties will overwhelm me. The very thought of sitting in the most feminine of clothes on a train to London makes me quiver inside, yet if you command it, I know I must get onto the train after all I have been hypnotized with Female Transformation Hypnosis.

That is why tomorrow I will have my body waxed all over so my skin is soft and feminine to the touch and should anyone look at me they will see my beautiful smooth skin. That is why I will want you to make my finger nails bright pink with two coats of nail polish and a finishing gloss. That is why I will have a facial and my eyebrows plucked on Friday morning. My mind will be captured by deep hypnosis exploring all my desires and removing all my resistance, Feminization Transformation Hypnosis has done this to be. Tightly chastised until the day the hormones take hold of me for good, never to return to my male persona again.

Female Transformation Hypnosis clip of MP3

Feeling the delicate lace around my sex, the panties feel so good, stockings gliding up my legs. The bra clasped tightly behind me and the straps holding my breasts so completely. Feeling the delicate fabric of my dress cascade over my head and shoulders, watching as you smooth out the skirt before pulling the zip together and fastening the clasp. Captured in feminine attire and unable to escape, never wanting to escape from my complete Female Transformation Hypnosis dreams.

Walking nervously down to the car and driving to the railway station and collecting my ticket, even more nervous now still standing on the platform. The wind blowing my hair and lifting the bottom of my dress. I am feeling all the eyes of the world looking at me before boarding the train and sinking thankfully in to my seat. Arranging my dress so it does not crease, fussing with my hair and make-up. The journey begins and only then do I realise the only clothes you have packed for me belong to Sophia. I am her and she is me, no escape, no going back. Your Female Transformation Hypnosis has worked and now in real time these things are happening to me.

I find myself so fragile and emotional to-day knowing that I will give in to my feminine desires and that I no longer can resist them and that I will do everything I am told, to appear and behave as Sophia for the entire world to watch and see. That I will feel unbearably vulnerable as I hear your voice controlling me, telling me, instructing me to be the girl you demand I must be. To care only about being that girl and that desire overcoming any previous male conditioning and reservation. That I am now at another tipping point towards total surrender and submission to your will. To only wish to worship and serve you.

To live only for your words, your fabulous words of Female Transformation Hypnosis and touch .To explore unconditionally my femininity and obedience to you. Too long for the silk and the satin, the smoothness of my skin, the polish on my nails and the pretty clothes. Yours truly, madly, deeply – no turning back, no desire to do so, just absolute servitude as a girl to your will and command, your Female Transformation Hypnosis is too powerful for me to resist.

The week-end had been full of experiences and it did not occur to me that was all part of my Mistresses plan to groom me as her little bitch. It had been thrilling to travel down on the train as a girl in such pretty clothes: how she loved her new lingerie and the swishing skirt of her new dress. Then Saturday evening with her rich red glossy nails her favourite high heels and her little black dress. She had enjoyed the show with all the drag queens performing but wouldn’t herself have dressed like that, far too gaudy for Sophia. Sophia is delicate and beautiful with style and class not lashings of blue eye shadow and lipstick from ear to ear, no that is not Sophia.

She was now taking hormones every day and her Mistress was thinking of increasing the dosage as she really wanted to see if her bitch’s breasts bud and grow her skin to become smoother and her maleness is retreating, retreating further with every listening of Female Transformation Hypnosis. With her mind so open and vulnerable she could not resist, her Mistress just seemed to be able to take control of her whenever she wanted and Sophia did not know how to stop her. She just had to accept everything willingly or face the consequences. These could be very severe including imprisonment, corporal punishment and torture.

Her mind was full of submissive thoughts as they travelled back home. Her body ached from the stretching of her limbs and her bottom was still pink and sore from the beating. Her nipples were also very tender to the touch. Just one word from her Mistress and she would be kissing her feet like the bitch she was meant to be. She felt more and more like a girl and impossibly fragile and delicate. She the feeling of lace and silk flowing around her – changing her thoughts and behaviour, making her walk more gracefully and move her body like a girl, the true female that she really was. The Female Transformation Hypnosis was doing its work a treat and there was no going back.

She wanted to give in more than ever and could not find an ounce of resistance. She wanted to be controlled and would find it impossible to think for herself, deferring at all times to her Mistress. She would dress as she was told to and become more helpful and obedient. Her mind was being controlled and she would only feel happy when her breasts were fully developed and her pussy was locked tightly away. She felt loved and was happy and wanted more than ever to dress as a girl and to feel truly a girl.





About Madam Raison Detre

Welcome to my World, the World of Madam Raison Detre a powerful femdom hypnotist. I am your deepest desire, your secret fantasy your deepest hypnotic dream come true. Once under my hypnotic power there is no going back, I am an addiction, your addiction that you just cannot resist, you don't want to resist me, you just love being here with me. Listen to my every word, as my velvety voice and voluptuous lips caress every part of you. Weaving my web of silken whispers all around you, taking you further and beyond any other femdom hypnotist to the deepest part of your subconscious mind where fantasy and reality blend to become one. Confess to me how much you need my seductive power and guidance. Admit how much I understand your desires, because of course I do. I know you want to please me, and agree to embrace my every wish as I take you on that journey of discovery to the real you, the most intimate part of you, that only you and I know about. You know it’s your destiny, don’t you? You can’t resist me. I believe the greatest gift a woman can possess is femininity. You will dive into my femininity and drink me in, hanging on my every word. You know I am different, I am not a figment of someone’s imagination, and something made up, a call centre girl just reading a script. I am a real femdom hypnotist whom you can visit for a one to one erotic hypnosis session or depending on where you are located have live hypnosis telephone session with me. I know you have been searching for me for the longest of time and now you have found me don’t waste another moment contact me now.
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One Response to Female Transformation Hypnosis

  1. chrispatt87 says:

    Madams power over me continues to intensify each day I never thought when I first listened that I would be wearing pink frilly panties and at first I was afraid and shied away but I cannot help but come back to her and the power she has over me

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